September 360


It can take only weeks to form a habit but then lifetime to break it.
E-Lab’s September 360 is designed to help you reset your benchmarks and kick-start a holistic health journey.

What is it?

Starting on Saturday 31 August, September 360 is a 4-week immersive challenge that allows you to:

  • Receive individual mentorship from E-Lab experts
  • Come full circle and form new holistic health habits through mind, body and nutrition
  • Lay the foundations for real results that last


  • comprehensive nutrition plan
  • holistic health education via emails and presentations by experts
  • results assessment and future training plans


$49 for members

$310 for non-members

FREE entry for our Bali 2019 ELEVATE Retreat VIPs

What’s different about it?

Traditional gym challenges tend to encourage crash diets and intensive training, promising drastic before-and-after photos but those results rarely last. Those quick wins usually come at a big cost. 

At E-Lab, we’re re-writing the book on healthy training, and our challenges are no exception. We take a longer-term holistic view, focusing more on laying foundations for lifestyle changes and training that’s sustainable. Yes, it’s a short course, but the skills and principles you will develop over the 4 weeks will set you up to be happier, healthier and more productive in the long run.

What does ‘holistic health’ really mean?

Some people train hard but can’t lose weight. Others might have ripped abs while inside, the gut health tells a different story. And for others again, mental barriers can be harder to overcome than physical ones. Exercise, nutrition and mental health all play a role in the wellness equation. Imbalance in one area impacts on others.

That’s why at E-Lab, we look at the whole picture: the psychology of changing habits, the physiology of exercise techniques, and the pathology of diet, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

What’s next?

To go the full 360 and get started on your way to a better you, sign up for September 360 today!

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