E-LAB 3.0

At E-LAB, we’re dedicated to revolutionising group training and health outcomes. We are about the best results today and even more about bettering your body and minds for the decades ahead. Inspired by the latest advancements in health and fitness, our philosophy is rooted in Medicine 3.0, focusing on optimising both lifespan and healthspan.

why we do it?

E-LAB 3.0 represents a paradigm shift in group training and health outcomes for you! We’re here not just to optimise your body and health goals today, but to ensure you live a fitter, more active, and happier life for longer. Our approach combines cutting-edge training techniques with personalised health plans, guided by our expert team of trainers and health professionals.

Inspired by the renowned Physician and longevity specialist, Peter Attia, M.D., Medicine 3.0 is our guiding philosophy. It focuses on humans reaching an optimal state through testing, technology, and addressing root causes. Unlike Medicine 2.0, which concentrates on disease treatment, Medicine 3.0 places a greater emphasis on maintaining lifelong overall health, preventing diseases, and optimising the quality of life. We are about optimising both lifespan and, more importantly, healthspan (how healthy and active we are as we age).

With current progressions in medicine and a trend towards an older population, do we need to plan our healthspan quality for our 90’s? Our thought is YES.

HOW we do it?

Our Science Based Approach to the 3 Pillars of Fitness and Longevity


Burn fat efficiently, effectively utilise your glucose, and optimise body composition with our new MET-CON Model.

Introducing specific VO2 max training for increased energy and longevity.


Boost metabolism and overall metabolic health.

Improve functional capacity for a vibrant life for now and decades in the future.


Become bulletproof with enhanced mobility, flexibility, alignment, and core strength.

We are adding FLOW classes and teaching our team on this incredibly effective mind and body model

Achieve the Best Results Today and Prepare Your Body and Mind for the Decades Ahead

Science Based Cardiovascular Fitness Classes


MET-CON or Metabolic Conditioning simply means that we are training cardio, strength and movement at a desired intensity. In the classes you will able to choose to:
  • Opt for Zone 2 to focus on fat burning and glucose metabolism.
  • Ramp it up to high intensity (Zones 4 and 5) for rigorous VO2 max fitness training (refer to FIT classes for more info on this)
Zone 2 is the training zone that mobilises fat better than any other and also helps regulate glucose in the body to optimise your body composition and energy. This zone helps to keep the body in homeostasis (balance) better than other training levels, resulting in an anti-ageing effect and a body that feels ‘ready to go’.
Our classes are designed for you to follow the same set and simply adjust your intensity.
The extremely proficient E-LAB trainers will guide you through the process and make it easy for you to hit your goal. Feel free to ask them for any advice as you begin.
Our MET-CON classes: Mark Mitchell and Trent Langlands have teamed up with our amazing trainers to design sessions that optimise your fitness, strength and movement at the same time.
Enjoy a Monthly movement focus: Our team has perfected a movement type each month to ensure you’re improving at a speed as you would expect in personal 1:1 care.

FIT – Functional Interval Training

Our FIT classes are not just about breaking a sweat; they’re about maximising your VO2 max for improved energy levels, life expectancy, and overall well-being. VO2 max isn’t just a number – it’s a key predictor of our energy levels, but also life expectancy and healthspan, i.e how well we live as we age. It determines what we can or cannot do.

After the age of 30, our VO2 max decreases by approximately 10% per year, and this decline accelerates to around 15% per year after the age of 50. This reduction in aerobic capacity, or our ability to utilise oxygen, impacts various aspects of our lives, from daily activities to overall health and longevity. Studies have revealed that increasing VO2 max by just 25% can potentially extend your lifespan by an additional 12 years!

While pushing yourself may not always be comfortable, the benefits are undeniable. Studies have consistently shown that incorporating 1-2 sessions of FIT training per week can lead to better health outcomes and increased longevity.

Unlike traditional HIIT classes, our FIT design is specifically tailored to optimise VO2 max. While some sessions may feel familiar, they’ve been carefully programmed to enhance your aerobic capacity. Additionally, we’ll be introducing new, specialised sessions aimed at further improving your VO2 max


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