We are in the most interesting of times. The previous few weeks leading into the past few days have been circumstances difficult to imagine.
There is no doubt we are in the middle of the largest world health crisis of our lives.
Firstly, we would like to offer our love and support to all of you with an understanding that many of our people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress, driven from both health and economic concerns.

We live for the purpose of healthy communities and wider populations and therefore we feel a deep sense of responsibility under the circumstances. We are staying on top of all breaking news and advice from our national government and NSW health. We are taking every precaution possible to ensure that we minimise spread of infection.

There have been NO cases of COVID-19 reported in any of our facilities or in our area to our knowledge.

Please read below for added measures we will be implementing from tomorrow to ensure that we keep you healthy and safe through this turbulent time.

3 CHOICES OF CLASS TYPES- start tomorrow

1. HOME PROGRAMMING – we will be giving everyone access to online training you can do from your own home. These classes will be varied between:
– Functional conditioning
– Pilates

2. OUTDOOR – No Equipment classes – these will allow us to create parameters beyond recommendations on social distancing. They will be well programmed for great fitness outcomes but will not involve use of equipment.

3. LIMITED CLASS SIZE E-LAB training – we are reducing class sizes and have re-organised our programming so that we can achieve social distancing and you will not be swapping equipment with other members until thoroughly sanitised.

Things we need from you:

1. Please check mindbody and book into classes prior to coming (we will be very strict with class numbers. People not booked will be asked to leave if class is full).
2. Bring a towel – we will have extra towels for equipment, but you will need a towel for your personal hygiene.
3. respect other peoples space – independent of your view on the current situation, we do ask that you respect other peoples space at this time.
4. STAY TRAINING – there has never been a time where maintaining your health has been more important. Eat well, train smart.

Other measures from us:

1. we will be sanitising and cleaning our premises constantly.
2. any staff member with the slightest of cold symptoms will not be working.
3. we will stay on top of all health releases and current situation
4. we will be taking any calls or emails to help you achieve your health needs.

We are here to support you in this time of crisis.
We will be dynamic in offering you an optimal health service throughout this pandemic.

We thank everyone for your support in this time.
We would also offer our support for anyone suffering significant economic impact by this event. Your health is our priority and we will do anything we can to support our family.

Lots of Love and good vibes

Team E-LAB


We have a variety of membership plans available to suit your situation